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Fixed Layout ePub and KF8/KPF

This is the format you need when you have to preserve the Page Fidelity. If you have a complex design, where the eBooks need to emulate the Print product, whether it be children's books, comics, text books, travelogues, cook books or other, these are the formats that are best suited for you.

For this price, we provide you a Fixed Layout ePub without enhancements and a KPF/KF8 file. Based on your requirement, we will tell you the best format you should choose. In the fixed layout eBooks, the text does not reflow. The user cannot choose the font or the font size as in the reflowing books. The fixed layout ePub can be viewed on the iOS devices, the Kobo, and all Google Android devices using Play books app. The KF8 will work on Kindle devices and the KPF on all the Kindle devices other than the legacy devices.

For additional costs, we can enhance the ePub files. Please contact us to know more.

Awesome features

Unbeatable Rendition of the original PDFs 
Perfect Layout matching the PDF to the last detail
Searchable HTML5 content
No font obfuscation necessary
Language Agnostic; we convert content in any language
Fast Turnaround

enhancements in fixed layout epub

When you provide audio, we can embed the audio with voice synchronization and text highlighting. We charge extra for this.
We can also add animations for an extra price.
Ordinary embedding of audio and video files will be done free of cost.