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3000+ Titles Formatted for POD | 15,000+ Titles Formatted to ePub and Mobi | 75,000+ Titles formatted to Fixed Layout eBooks | 600+ Clients | 1000+ 5-star Testimonials
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About us

Publishing Services Company since 2005

India is the driving engine for publishing companies both big and small, with high levels of expertise and extremely reasonable pricing. As a publishing services provider located in Chennai, India, our staff has gained great knowledge and experience spanning two decades working on projects from many of the top publishing houses in the world.

We are Typesetting and eBook experts who take pride in our work. Every task we do, we do it in such a way that we can showcase it. Our expertise is in ePub, Mobi, KF8, Fixed Layout ePubs, Read-aloud ePubs and iBooks Author* books apart from Microsoft Lit*, Palm and other legacy formats. 

If it's got something to do with publishing in print or online, you will find us doing it!

You will find that we are a committed, responsible, hard-working, positive thinking group of people.

You will notice that we take pride in our performance, persistent in our efforts, while never making compromises.

You will find us offering services of value, giving more than what we get, and always striving for excellence.

Our primary focuses are:

Delivering highest-quality & cost-effective solutions for your needs; 

Flexibility to adapt to your specific goals and requirements;

To build an efficient process to reuse and retain best practices.

We address each client's needs individually. We believe that when you discover the value you will be getting, you will find our rates reasonable, our work excellent, professional and on time.

In short, we have what it takes for you to win! 

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SINCE 2005

We identified many of the new trends in the publishing services market and elected to form AT with concepts and tools that would propel publishers and authors to the next level.

One of our first outlets was Elance, where we gained over one thousand five-star reviews.

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FROM 2009

From 2009, we started working with clients in the US, Europe and Australia.

They include several publishers and self-published authors.

We have also developed processes that are the best in the world. If we cannot do it, no one else can!

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FROM 2013

We started rapidly expanding our client base and have been developing and honing our skill-sets to bring in automation into our working methods. 

To stay ahead in the publishing services area, we formed a sister company built around technologies that would enhance both our abilities and provide the publisher/author a better result.

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We have now achieved leadership status quietly. We have converted over a million pages to reflowing ePub and Mobi formats and converted over 10 million pages to Fixed Layout Formats.

We have partnerships all over the world and are actively seeking more such partnerships in this year.

Our services

What we do

Our offerings

We offer tailor-made publishing services to publishers, authors and publishing service organizations. We have the longest standing experience handling bulk volumes. 

  • Typesetting
  • ebook conversions
  • image processing
  • XML conversions

typesetting & POD

We essentially offer end-to-end Typesetting and Pre-press services to Authors and Publishers. We design books into perfect print-ready pages/files for publishing in print for the following Print-on-Demand companies

  • KDP
  • ingramspark
  • lulu
  • any printer of your choice

ebook conversions

We provide simultaneous print and stand-alone eBook conversion services. We take your manuscript and prepare them into beautiful eBook formats

  • reflowing ePub
    (Apple, KOBO, google, B&N etc)
  • reflowing Mobi (Kindle)
  • Fixed layout ePub (Apple, Kobo, Google)
  • Fixed layout mobi (kindle)
  • enhanced pdf files

other services

We provide the following miscellaneous services to our clients. We capture data and convert the same to digital deliverables of a preferred format – always at a high quality percentage of 99.9% and above.

  • Scanning & ocr
  • image correction
  • redrawing & Relabeling
  • xml conversions
  • Indesign automation

Work process

Step by step

The following is the step by step process we follow for your manuscript when you need both Print and eBook Formats. For just eBook formats, we start the process from Step 5.

Step 1. Receipt and assessment

Once we receive the input files from you, we will assess the files and come back to you if we are missing anything.

Step 2. sample creation

Once we have all the files, we will create a couple of sample designs using your content and show them to you.

Step 3. first proofs

Once you select the design you like, we will use that as the template for setting the book. We will then send you First PDF proofs for your review and approval.

Step 4. correction and POD preparation

Once we hear from you, we will make any changes necessary and create print-ready files for the interior and cover as necessary.

Step 5. eBOOK creation

Once the Print-ready PDF files are ready, we will create the ePub and Mobi files for the book.

Step 6. Testing and tweaking

We will then test the files thoroughly on all the relevant devices and apps before sending them to you. The files will be flawless and ready for upload to the various portals

Step 7. Despatch

We will then send all the files to you for your review and will make any changes that you may require.

Step 8. Distribution to portals and closure

Once you give us the nod, we will upload the files on your behalf and bring the project to conclusion.

Here are some representative samples of the different genres of content we handle. From Novels, to Business books, we deal with all kinds of trade content. We also work with Children's books, Cook books, Travelogues, Text books and Coffee Table books.

How we work

Do all the best

We work on a wide range of books in the Fiction, non-fiction and educational spaces including Novels, K-12 and college Text books, Children's books, Cook Books, Travelogues, etc. You name it, we do it! 

our experience counts

We have the longest standing exposure to a wide variety of content types and have solved all the puzzles in the publishing space. If you need expert help, we are the people to do it!

No project is too big or too small

We provide the same care and attention to all the projects we undertake. We have a very strong team of people and can handle any level of volume you will send our way.

Professional to the core

We believe in being ethical and maintaining confidentiality. We are an author friendly and publisher friendly team. Please feel free to ask us any questions or demand anything of us in this space. We will be happy to accommodate and wow you! 

excellent CoMmunication

We believe in asking questions, interacting with you and making your book a success. We don't assume things. You will find our communication to be exemplary and of the highest standard possible.


What clients say

We have over 600 clients. We at first worked on Elance and raked up over 1000 5-star reviews.

You can see the client feedback here

See what some of our clients have said recently:

"Extremely professional, top-notch customer service and quick turnaround. Couldn't ask for a better service."
"Wonderful to work with, professional, would hire again in an instant, and I have!"
"Very professional work. Quick communication. These people really know what they are doing and do it fast and professionally. This is my second job with them. Kudos!"
"Great job as usual! Thank you very much and I look forward to our next project."
Perfect as always! Great Kindle conversion, I've been working with them for several years, highly recommended!
You can see more such positive reviews from our clients at this link and look under "Completed Jobs"!


We charge a fixed price for books up to 300 pages

per title

  • We accept your manuscripts in Word, Text, PDF, InDesign or any other format you have.
  • The files we provide will be ready for upload to the various portals like Kindle, Apple's iTunes, Kobo, Google Playbooks, B&N's Nook etc.
  • The files will have working TOC, working links, optimized for the various devices. Any complexity is not a problem.
  • For more pages, please add $0.20 per page to the base price.
  • Three-day standard turnaround. Please let us know if you are in a rush.
  • We handle all the Latin set of languages with ease.


For a flat ePub/KPF, and up to 100 pages, we charge

per title

  • All we need are your PDF files. If you have InDesign files, we accept them too.
  • We will provide finished Fixed Layout files that match the Layout of your print file exactly.
  • Languages are not a concern. We handle them all. We can handle Right to Left languages and also Chinese, Korean and Japanese as in the PDF files.
  • For voice over synchronization in children's books, add $0.08 per word. You will need to provide the audios.
  • For animation and other Java scripting, we charge by the hour at $9 per hour.
  • Two-day turnaround for Flat eBooks. For enhanced eBooks, turnaround will vary depending on the work involved.

Print layout & eBooks

We start with a minimum price for 100 page simple books at

per title

  • For this one price, we take your manuscript, create a couple of samples for you to choose the style from, format the book based on your choice and finally send you the print-ready PDFs, ePub and Mobi formats
  • Please add $0.85 per page for additional pages. We provide custom quotes if the content or the design requirements are complex. The prices vary from $0.95 to $2.25 per page subject to a minimum of $50 per title.
  • If you provide the cover design, we will bring it up to speed for print for $10 a piece.
  • For Children's books or others under 50 pages, please contact us for a custom quote.

Distribution channels

Some of the portals we distribute to